Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Day 8, June 6 (Interlaken, Lausanne, Geneva)

After another less than spectacular breakfast at the Hotel Royal St. Georges we left for our final stop of the trip - Geneva. We did not have enough time for another mountain excursion and there is not much to do in Interlaken otherwise...

The weather was pretty good, but not as nice as the day before, we again felt lucky for having such a beautiful day during our trip to the "Top of Europe".

Drive from Interlaken was nice and scenic, and since we left early, we decided to make a quick stop to check out Lausanne. As we approached the city, it was apparent that we were in the French part of Switzerland. Most of the signs were in French (including the most common road sign we've seen in Gemany and in our driving through CH - "Ausfarht", which changed to "Sortie").

We found Lausanne to be pretty busy and modern city (population is 130,000 or so) with pretty apparent French influence. We've explored the city for a couple of hours before moving forward with our travel plans.

Our next stop was Geneva. The city is pretty much at the boarder of CH and France, so again, mostly French speaking population, although most of the people we interacted with understood English (but some responded in French).

We checked into our hotel - Tiffany, which is in the heart of Geneva very close to everything tourists would want to check out. Hotel Tiffany is pretty high class, although most of the options are extra there (secure parking - 28 CHF per day, Internet via Swisscom, but they do have a free Internet station on the main floor, breakfast - 21 CHF per person).

We did some exploring of the Old Town and found it to be a lot "darker" than other Old Towns we've seen in CH. Or maybe we were getting tired of exploring similarly looking blocks, etc.

Had a dinner (my wife finally had a chance to experience Swiss fondue! :) ) on the patio of one of the hotel restaurants right in the middle of the Old Town (don't recall the name). The food was okay, service was not as good as everywhere else we've been so far (I think our French speaking waitress was pretty drunk :)
We've decided to cut the dinner short and get dessert at our hotel. Now, service at Tiffany's restaurant was exceptional. Dessert was nice too :)

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