Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Day 10, June 8 (Geneva, Munich, San Francisco)

This is it! Time to go home.

We were scheduled to fly out of Geneva to Munich around 1 PM, then from MUC to SFO at 3:50 PM.

We took a short walk around Geneva, settle our hotel bill and were on our way to the drop off location, which happens to be at the Geneva International airport. Again, NAV system had a hard time finding the right address, however, Andy Stauble of Rischard SA emailed me drawing with directions to their office. We got a bit lost, but finally figured the right way out and got to the drop off facility.

As we were looking for the parking (no free parking near that facility), we saw another BMW with zoll plates pulling over from the freeway. Another lucky bimmer owner (335 coupe)!

The drop off process was pretty simple since we faxed all the necessary paperwork to the office of Ritschard SA ahead of time.

We said "good bye" to the car, picked up our bags and walked to the Geneva International (10-minute walk).

Flights to both Munich and SFO were pretty uneventful. Again, we used "No Jet lag" supplement (I think my wife took a couple of Melatonin pills as well), which made the flight from MUC to SFO fairly painless.

Although we enjoyed our European trip very much, we were glad to get home and see our kids. They were excited as well, which might have been related to the amount of chocolates and other presents they received :)

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