Monday, June 11, 2007

Day 5, June 3 (Zurich, Luzern)

We've decided to drive to Luzern (based on numerous suggestions). Even though it was Sunday, and most of the retail shops in Luzern were closed, we were looking forward to some site seeing and walking down the streets of Old Town of Luzern.

People that suggested a visit to Luzern were absolutely right! What an amazing Swiss town with lots to see!
Among many interesting things about Luzern we found that the Old Town has dozens of fountains, and all of them are unique in some way.

We walked around the Old Town, took a ton of pictures (including many fountains :) and even did some souvenir shopping (not all the stores were closed).
We had a nice lunch (pretty much all Swiss restaurants we visited were nice) at a small place near the water and very old wood bridges.

In the late afternoon we headed back to Zurich to do more exploring of this amazing city. We also took a boat trip around the lake. It was nice way to see different areas around Zurich in a short period of time. Interesting fact: almost every pier where we stopped at had a park around it.

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