Monday, June 11, 2007

Day 4, June 2 (Munich, Bregenz & Zurich)

Most of the time change symptoms were gone by now. We woke up nice and early, and decided to experience hotel breakfast (included in the room cost at hotel Torbrau).

Hotel has a very nicely equipped area for breakfast on the second floor separate from the restaurant, which is on the ground floor.
Breakfast included variety of cold meats, cheeses, cereals, etc. In addition, you can request omelet to be made per your specifications :) Overall, very nice breakfast, definitely worth experiencing.

We went to do some final exploring of the city before leaving for Zurich. The checkout time at the hotel is 12 (noon), so we had a few hours to move around the old town, snap some pics and say "good bye" to Munich.

After a nice walk around the city (the showers were on and off all morning), we settle our bill at the hotel, loaded our bags into the car, set our destination to Zurich, CH on the NAV system, and were on our way out of Munich.

We stopped for lunch in Austrian town of Bregenz on our way to Zurich. What a nice little town! We spent a couple of hours in Bregenz, had a nice lunch at the "San Guiseppe" pizza place. Food was great, nice atmosphere and service. We would definitely recommend it to anyone traveling in or around Bregenz.

In Bregenz we also stopped for some gas, as the tank was about half empty. According to Rolf, getting gas in Austria is a good idea, as it's considerably less expensive there than in Germany (1.24E per liter of super plus vs. 1.43E in Munich area).

Very short distance to Swiss boarder was covered in a few minutes (we took some side roads to see more of Austria). At the Swiss boarder we were stopped by an officer, who asked us to pull over and collected all the relevant documents (passports, drivers license, car papers). While we were waiting (took about 15 minutes or so), we noticed that many cars were being stopped for a few minutes while Swiss officers checked their papers, so I guess this was a normal process.

The drive to Zurich from Bregenz was pretty uneventful and relatively painless, so we got to Zurich in the early afternoon.

We drove to the hotel Florhof, which is located one block from the old town of Zurich. What a great place! Hotel Florhof truly lives up to it's name: "Romantik Hotel Florhof" ( Every detail including very nice location, hotel setup, service, etc. is very well thought through and executed flawlessly. It was nice to be treated like royalty :)
Our room was exceptionally cosy and inviting. Even though the hotel is located in the center of Zurich, they had parking available right next to the hotel on the parking lot of Zurich Music School. It was a weekend, so we were assured that we will have no problem with parking on that lot (parking is 12 Swiss francs per night). We had to leave a spare car key with the front desk in case they would need to move the car (never needed to happen in our case).

After getting situated in the hotel, we took our first walk in the old town of Zurich.

In the evening we had reserved a table at the restaurant in our hotel (we've read some very nice reviews about the class of service in the restaurant and the quality of food as well).
The dinner indeed was very nice, but the place is not on the cheap side!

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